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In 1947, Newcastle librarian Louise Manny began to record the singing of Miramichi residents at the request of Lord Beaverbrook. Those recordings, as well as others made over the following two decades, make up the audio portion of the Louise Manny collection (fonds) at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

This website is intended to be used by people to access information about these 700+ songs which are an important part of the rich cultural heritage of New Brunswick.

Singers/Performers By Surname Edit

The individual letters refer to performers/songs already uploaded to the wiki and ready to listen to, while the Master List is a complete list of all Louise Manny collection recordings.

Master List of All Performers and Song Titles (text only, includes many songs not yet uploaded to this wiki).











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At the very top of the page, there is a search bar that you can use to search for specific singers or songs. You can performers by name, or by the name of their songs. Best of all, you can listen to all of these songs for yourself!

Where Are the Original Recordings? Edit

The original recordings of these Miramichi folk songs are held at the Provincial Archives (PANB) of New Brunswick in Fredericton. They are part of the Louise Manny Collection (MC1307) and they were digitized by PANB.

Songs By Language Edit

Aboriginal Songs (possibly Mi'kmaq Language)

English Language Songs

French Language Songs

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In short, this site was created and is currently being maintained by Joshua J. Green (e-mail: joshuagreen (at) However, the efforts of many people and organizations have combined to create and care for the information and recordings that now exist on this site. This project would not have been possible without the singers, Louise Manny, the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (with special thanks to Denis Noel for his work digitizing and doing much of the original description of these songs), Joan Gunter for work on the PANB finding aids/song lists in the 1990s, the recordists, Drs. Peter Toner and Dann Downes (whose joint research project generated the majority of the data on these songs and facilitated their editing), and, finally, Joel Hansen (who has been cleaning up/editing some of the old songs to make them sound better for this website). Thanks to all the contributors over the last 70 years or so!

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